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Tarot Reading ReviewsTarot reading is one of the oldest ways of fortune telling yet is still very popular around the world. The history of tarot reading goes back to the 15th century. It involves using a deck of cards called tarot cards as a tool for divination.

The meaning of the Tarot

There are two types of cards in a standard tarot deck: Major and Minor Arcana.

Major Arcana

It consists of 22 cards; all of them are stand-alone, which means each has its own unique meaning. The Major Arcana unfold greater secrets of your life. These cards are numbered from 0 to 21 – they represent the 22 inevitable phases of life, which each of us may experience in different orders. Moreover, these phases can also possibly repeat once or multiple times throughout the course of life.

Minor Arcana

Similar to a deck of usual playing cards, the Minor Arcana unfold lesser secrets and are divided into 4 suits. Each suit stands for an element: wands mean fire, swords mean air, cups mean water, and pentacles mean Earth. The suits also tell about your attitude and temperament. The cards in the Minor Arcana are a symbol of daily life aspects, thus giving insight of our skills, opportunities, experiences, and challenges.

What does a tarot reader do?

The first thing that a tarot reader does once you sit down, is shuffle the cards before telling you to ask whatever you want to know about. Then, he lays a certain number of cards in front of you, which solely depends upon the question that you have asked. Using his skills, he consults the cards to show what you need to know.

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It is a common belief of tarot readers that accurate predictions of the future are not possible. What they focus on is to discover the influences and possible outcomes of the problem at hand. With a strong sense of intuition, they use the tarot to find answers and provide guidance to you.

How does tarot reading actually work?

The tarot cards are meant to reflect the elements of your unconscious mind. A tarot reader gets access to your unconscious mind through these cards in the language of symbols.

Tarot cards have pictures and symbols on them, which convey a set of different meanings. Based on what you want to know, the tarot reader lays cards in front of you. The pictures on these cards depict a story. Even you can get an idea of your situation and relate it to real life by looking at those pictures. However, it is the reader’s job to interpret the symbols of the cards. Every tarot reader has his own way of interpreting the cards, giving him a unique voice of interpretation.

Basically, tarot readings help you in developing an insight of what you already know deep within. In other words, it lets you connect with your unconscious thought processes so that you get in control of the situation and make the right decisions. Tarot readings allow you to step back from the problem at hand and look at the bigger picture: to see the truth behind the course of events and understand what is really happening.

Can anyone read tarot cards?

Well yes, anyone can learn the meanings of the tarot cards and give a reading but without the kick of intuition, it would be like a song without a tune. While some readers suggest that anyone can produce meaningful readings, the innate talent and skill of understanding the universe and intuition is necessary.

The very concept that everyone can read the tarot cards has given rise to the culture of fake tarot readers. And to utter disappointment, people end up visiting them and upon finding inaccurate readings, say that tarot reading is nothing but a scam.

The readings that an experienced tarot reader can produce cannot be the same as any. Although different readers might give different readings but that is just because of their unique way of interpretation. After all, they are also humans and that allows them to make slight errors sometimes.

Every one faces confusion and gets caught in the state of indecisiveness when it comes to making important decisions about big events of life. That is when tarot reading comes into the picture; it can help you understand your situation better and find the options that are best for you so that you do not end up crying over spilt milk later.

So if you have not ever been to a tarot reader ever for whatsoever reason, open your door to a world where you will find the best solutions to every problem.