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We receive referral fees from partners.

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What is a password manager?

What is a Password Manager?

A password manager is something you need even if you don’t know it yet. Password managers store your passwords and user names for all your commonly used websites and allow you to bypass the login screen automatically. It creates an encrypted database through a master password.  The master password becomes the only password you need to remember.

Why Can’t I Just Reuse The Same Password?

Do not reuse passwords! Over 2.6 billion online accounts were breached last year.  Password leaks are becoming a big problem all over the world. If someone gets access to your user name and password, he or she can make your life miserable by using password reset links on Paypal and other financial sites. You need to use unique and unpredictable passwords on all your websites:  capital letters, lower case letter, symbols, numbers, etc.

Don't Reuse Passwords
What is a password leak?

What is a Password Leak?

During the last few years, hackers have penetrated some of the world’s largest organizations and harvested the account information. This information almost always includes email addresses, user names, and passwords. Sometimes it will include your mother’s maiden name and the name of your first pet. This information is typically traded on the dark web and is sometimes even leaked publicly.

What is it Like to Use a Password Manager?

Once you start using a password manager, you won’t believe how you ever survived without it.   You will stop wasting time checking passwords. You will stop clicking  “forgot password” and waiting for emails to authenticate your email address. You will simply login to your password manager once per day and enter your Master Password.  Then let your password manager do the rest.

What's it like using a password manager?
browser password manager

Why Can’t I Use A Browser Password Manager?

Web browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer all offer password managers. It is free and it would save the time of learning a new software. Right? Wrong! Although well intentioned, the browsers store your passwords in an unencrypted format. If your computer is ever hacked, those passwords are vulnerable.  To keep them safe, you would need to encrypt your computer’s hard drive which becomes more complicated.

How Important Is My Master Password?

After selecting the best password manager, the first decision you will need to make is choosing your master password. This will be your one and only password that you need to remember – so make it a good one!  If you lose this password, the game is over and you will need to rebuild your password database. You won’t have to worry about anybody else getting into (including you). Some people even go as far as storing their master password in a bank vault.

Master Password Manager
random password generator

What is a Random Password Generator?

A random password generator is a tool that creates unlimited amounts of strong,  random and unpredictable passwords for each of your accounts. Any top rated password manager includes a integrated random password generator that allows you to manage all your secure passwords and accounts.


What Does A Password Manager Cost?

Like most everything else in life, you get what you pay for. The great thing about Top 6 Software’s password managers is that they let you use their product for a free 30 day trial and most don’t even ask for a credit card to get started. After a free trial, you can expect a top password manager to charge no more than $2 or $3 per month.

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