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Top 6 High Chair Reviews of 2018 1Top 6 High Chair Reviews of 2018 2
  • Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair With Tray
  • Maxi-Cosi Mico Nxt
  • PROS
  • You can use it as a baby highchair or normal adult chair.

    Easy and fast to change chair into different modes

    It can hold up to 250 pounds.
  • CONS
  • White color option is not child friendly.

    No wheels

    The tray isn’t big enough
  • Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair will last so long and be so well-used that it has great value - Its contemporary design on a classic wooden high chair creates a stunning addition to a family dinner table. We highly recommened it!
Top 6 High Chair Reviews of 2018 3Top 6 High Chair Reviews of 2018 4
  • Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Convertible High Chair Seating System - Sapphire
  • Safety 1st Grow & Go Reviews
  • PROS
  • Multiple options for seating 2 children simultaneously

    6 height adjustments and 3 recline positions

    One-hand removable tray and dishwasher-safe.
  • CONS
  • Replacement covers are not available

    Hard to assemble the seat(removable)

    Heavy tray
  • Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Convertible High Chair is a great high quality high chair. It will serve your child well as he grows older since it can be transitioned all the way into a youth chair. Very popular around parents this year.
Top 6 High Chair Reviews of 2018 5Top 6 High Chair Reviews of 2018 6
  • Peg Perego Siesta Highchair - Noce
  • Maxi-Cosi Mico Nxt
  • PROS
  • Sleek design available in multiple beautifully saturated colors

    Evolved tilt-in-space seat that can fully recline

    Compact fold for storage.
  • CONS
  • Difficult to roll when used on carpet

    Tray release buttons are a little stiff

    Its weight makes it difficult to fold for storage.
  • Peg Perego Siesta high chair is one of the most customizable on the market. It's comfortable, safe, and very stylish. With a durable quality that will last for many years to come, no doubt, this high chair is worth every penny.
Top 6 High Chair Reviews of 2018 9Top 6 High Chair Reviews of 2018 10
  • Stokke Tripp Trapp Aqua Blue
  • Chicco Keyfit 30 Reviews
  • PROS
  • Seat and foot plate are adjustable

    Adjustability and solid construction can last a life time

    It can carry up to 85kgs
  • CONS
  • Accessories are sold separately

    Lack of pads might give pain in the back

    Isn’t as tall
  • Stokke Tripp Trapp allows the child to participate at the table and be part of the family right from the beginning - NO tray needed. It is very well designed, easy to accommodate the child throughout the lifespan, and easy to keep clean. One of our favorites for sure.
Top 6 High Chair Reviews of 2018 11Top 6 High Chair Reviews of 2018 12
  • Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 High Chair - Sahara Burst
  • Maxi-Cosi Mico Nxt
  • PROS
  • Convertible high chair becomes booster and toddler seat

    Machine Washable Cover

    4 Tray Positions
  • CONS
  • The high chair is a little wobbly.

    Does Not Fold

    The plastic bends because it is a bit thin
  • Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 High Chair seems to be a really loved product, especially for the cheap price. It is a full sized high chair, a booster seat and a toddler chair. It has all the basic features and more, definitely a great choice.

The Only Guide to Buying High Chairs You Will Ever Need

When you get a high chair for your child, it is one of the most important purchases you can make for the child. The high chair provides your baby with the perfect place to experiment with the new foods and textures. The raised height does not just provide a safer and more secure place for the child, it also makes it easy for you to help your child with eating.

The thing is that not all of the high chairs are made the same. There is no such thing as a one for all perfect high chair. The perfect high chair for you depends on a lot of things like the budget that you have, the space you have in your home and the kind of lifestyle you live. That is why the kind of high chair one parent will get for their child might not be the best for another family.

Keeping these things in mind, we have put together this highly comprehensive and extensively detailed guide to buying high chairs. You will be walked through all the different kinds of high chairs, what you should be considering when you are out buying the high chair. Trust us when we tell you this – you will become a certified expert on high chairs by the time you are done reading this guide because for all intents and purposes, this is the only guide to buying high chairs you will ever need. Ever.

We’ve managed to put together anything and everything conceivable about high chairs into this guide so that there is nothing left. All it requires is a little patience on your part and we think you can practice enough patience for the sake of your child’s safety and security. So let’s just get to it then.


Top 6 High Chair Reviews


There Are Different Kinds of High Chairs

Building on the statement that not all high chairs are made the same, we are going to tell you that there are several different kinds of highchairs. While the term generally covers the object that serve the basic function, you might find it surprising how many different kinds of high chairs there are out in the market.

Traditional High Chair

Ah yes, the traditional high chair. When you mention the very words “high chair” it is the traditional high chair that people picture in their minds. Now these can be made of anything from metal, to wood, to plastic or any kind of combination of these materials. It is a little higher than a raised chair for your child to sit in and for the longest time, this was the only kind of high chair available in the market.

Traditional high chairs have nothing special within them that can compare them to the modern high chairs. They are simple, they are functional and they cannot be folded and out into storage rooms. They have been designed in a way that they should be set up and then left in an area which has been designated for them.

The fact that the traditional high chairs do not come with a lot of extra features does not mean that they are useless. On the contrary, their simplicity actually allows them to be sold at very cheap prices. Also, the fact that there are less features means there is little that can go wrong with the thing.


  • The most basic ones come at unexpectedly cheap prices
  • They are very simple in the way they are designed


  • They don’t have the convenience of modern features
  • They cannot be put away in storage easily

To put it all in a simple few lines, the traditional high chair is a basic thing that will give you a very good bargain. While the lack of features might bother some people, it does not take away from the fact that it does the basic task it was made for perfectly.

Modern High Chair

One of the best things about the human race is that it has always endeavored to make improvements in every aspect of life using the advancing technology. Manufacturers are now introducing all kinds of new features for high chairs. They do resemble the traditional high chairs to a large degree but they come with highly adjustable options.

Modern high chairs are also called multipurpose high chairs. The reason for that is that you can make a lot of adjustments to them in order to suit the needs of your baby. Among the things that you can adjust in modern high chairs are the height of the chair, the footrest height, the height of the tray and the recline of the seat.

A lot of people wonder why these adjustments are so necessary. You see, having all these adjustable options on a high chair will allow you to position your baby in a way that is most comfortable for both the baby and yourself when you feed the child depending on the situation. Oh and they also fold up quite neatly for convenient storage.



  • Easy to fold for convenient storage
  • Adjusts according to the needs of yourself and the baby’s


  • Pricier when you compare these to basic models
  • They’re mostly quite complex to assemble

When you put it quite simply, modern high chairs can adjust to the needs of your baby and yourself based on the situation to make both your lives easier when you’re feeding the child.

Convertible High Chair

With passing time, your child will grow in size and weight. There will come a time that your child will outgrow the high chair and the child will not need it at all. Once the child has grown, there is no use for you to have a high chair but what if you could convert it into something your child can use once the child has grown older? That is exactly what you get with the convertible high chair.

These things have been designed specifically to grow as your child grows older. You can use a lot of these convertible high chairs up until the child is three years old. Now, depending on the brand and making, the convertible high chairs can transform into a lot of things like a booster seat, child sized chair and table and even a toddler chair with activity tray.

There are even three in one or four in one convertible high chairs which determine the number of different child furniture pieces they can be converted into.

A convertible high chair is basically three or four different pieces of child furniture mashed into a high chair. One of the problems that come along with having a convertible high chair is that you cannot fold it for easy storage like you can with modern high chairs. It’s not the best thing to have in a small apartment.

You also have to consider the fact that the different pieces of furniture this convertible high chair can turn into won’t be as good as those pieces of furniture purchased individually but hey, it saves you a lot of money.


  • No need to buy additional child furniture
  • You can use it for a longer period of time


  • Takes up a lot of space
  • The furniture will not have the same quality as individual pieces

To keep it in simple terms, a convertible high chair is a cheap and practical solution to your child’s furniture needs.

Space Savers

Space saver high chairs are also known quite commonly as booster chairs. They allow you to make a high chair out of any chair you have in your home already. All you have to do is just place the booster chair on any chair lying around in your house and seat your baby on it. Voila.

Space savers are indeed space savers because they provide the same function by taking up the least amount of space needed. They are ideal for young couples who are living in small apartments where every square inch of space counts. Once you’re done feeding the baby, you can just put it aside somewhere.

The issue with these is that the chair you put the booster chair on is going to be at risk from all the mess your child will be creating in the chair. If you feel that a booster chair is the best for your needs, you need to make sure that the chair you’re putting it on is one that you can easily clean up. You can use towel under the booster chair perhaps?


  • Fits on any chair in your home
  • Saves a lot of space in your home
  • Easy to store


  • Takes a bit of time to initially set up
  • The chair you boost is going to get messy for a fact

Space savers are excellent for living in a small apartment, it is easy to clean and easy to store away when you need to.

Fabric High Chair

Fabric high chairs are highly foldable chairs made from fabric which you can easily throw into the washing machine for a good clean up job. They are the most ideal when you want to feed your baby while you are traveling. All you need to do is slide the fabric onto a simple dining chair and slip in your baby. There you go.

A lot of these are made from fabric that is easy to clean. Since there is no tray attached on this kind of high chair, you will find yourself cleaning the chair after every use. While this is not at all something comparable to the everyday use high chair you should have at home, when you are travelling, high chairs do not get better than the fabric high chair.

You need to note the fact that fabric high chairs do nothing but secure your baby on to a seat. It does not do anything to raise the seating position of the baby like a booster seat does.


  • Easily washable
  • Can be folded compactly


  • Need to be washed after almost every other use
  • Do not raise the height of your child

To put it quite simply, fabric high chairs are the best thing that can happen to a parent who wants to feed their child while traveling.

Hook on High Chair

Hook on high chairs are the second kind of portable high chair we will be looking at. These are also quite appropriately known as table chairs because they are just clamped on to one side of the table. Your baby will be sitting at the table while the feet are dangling in mid-air.

Hook on high chairs suit young babies the best as they support up to 37 pounds. If you have a baby heavier than that, it is best to stick with a more generic option when it comes to the high chair needs of your baby.

The high chair does not come with a tray. That’s because the tray will be the table itself. This means you will need to keep something on the table to save it from the wrath of the child trying to experiment with food. A lot of people find hook on high chairs to be ideal when they are travelling but the thing is you cannot completely rely on them. They can hook on to most of the tables out there but there just are some tables that you cannot clamp these things on to. If you face an incompatible table, you will be feeding the child in your lap.

You should not use hook on high chairs on the tables made of glass nor for the ones made from veneer. The clamps are very likely to break and/or scratch the tops of these tables. Nobody wants that.


  • Highly portable chair
  • Easy to store


  • Doesn’t fit every table
  • Isn’t suitable for older babies
  • Can possibly even damage some tables

Travel High Chair

Travel high chairs are essentially like camping chairs for all intents and purposes. The only difference is that they are designed specifically for babies. These are ideally made for use in the great outdoors.

Made from really good quality canvas which has been stretched onto a metallic frame, these do not need any kind of assembly initially when you want to set it up. They’re simply going to come in a folded form. The simplicity of their design ensures that they are going to last for a long time and they are more durable when it comes to comparing them to other kinds of high chairs.

Oh and you might notice that the legs on a travel high chair are significantly more spread out than regular high chairs. That means they provide a more sturdy balance to the chair no matter the unevenness of the surface it is on.

Again, we won’t say that they can replace the day to day usage high chairs in your home. The tray on these things can sag if your baby leans on it and that can send the food down town.


  • Weather resistant chair
  • Ideal for traveling with


  • Not ideal for day to day usage
  • Canvas tray can get messy

To put it simply, these high chairs are easy to clean, they are resistant to weather and they’re the best when you are out in the woods camping or having a barbeque in the back yard.

High Chair for Twins

Now we come to the last kind of high chair that you can get for your child – or rather, children. If you have been blessed with more than one child, there are high chairs made for you as well. None of the high chairs listed down will be suitable for your child unless you get two of them. We say that you shouldn’t spend twice the money. Instead, you should get a high chair that can fit both of your kids. There are plenty of companies that make models of high chairs suitable for facilitating two (or more) children.

The design is basically seats for more than one child fitted into a table so that they don’t need a tray. They have a whole table around them. It makes it easier for you to cater to both of your children and allow them more than enough space individually.

While these things are good when it comes to fulfilling the needs of both your children and saving immense space, they come with a hefty price tag.


  • Facilitates multiple babies
  • Allows you to sit with your children
  • It’s durable and its sturdy


  • Not easily portable
  • Expensive
  • Takes up quite a bit of room

To put it in simple terms, these are the kind of high chairs that are perfect when you have multiple babies that are at that kind of age.

High Chair Guide

Now that you have an idea of the different kinds of high chairs there are in the market, we will now examine all the key features that high chairs have. Just make note of the fact that some of these features may or may not be there depending on the kind of high chair you are getting.

Ease of Cleanliness

One of the main features to consider about a high chair is the ease with which you can clean it. While you may not want it to be so, you have to accept the fact that when your baby gets to the certain age where the child needs a high chair, things will get incredibly messy. A lot of high chairs are incredibly difficult to clean. They might look cool when you’re buying them but when it comes to cleaning them, you will understand what pain and misery is for a parent. If you want to avoid all the stress that comes along with having to rigorously clean a high chair, get a model which you can easily clean.

It’s really not that difficult. You can see the ease with which it can be cleaned right on the first glance. If the frame, tray and the harness look like areas which will be difficult to wipe down, especially the areas your child will be reaching because if the child can reach that area, there is bound o be some food caught up in there at some point.

While a lot of parents might think that cushioned high chairs are going to provide a convenient and comfortable seating experience for their child, it also can make things a lot harder to clean. If you will get a cushioned high chair, make sure that the fabric is made of vinyl or plastic. They are really easy to clean.


Feeding your child is a difficult task in itself and it can get even more so if the child is also complaining about how uncomfortable the chair is. When you are out buying a high chair for your child, getting one with a properly padded seat is going to make life a lot easier for your baby than a hard and solid surface.

A lot of parents who have made the switch from hard surface seats on the high chair to softer and well padded seats have seen a significant change in how cooperative their baby is when it comes to eating.

While padded seats provide your baby with a much more comfortable seating experience, they can be harder to wipe down compared to hard surfaces that are smooth. If the high chair you are thinking of buying for your child has a padded seat, just run your hand over the seat to see how smooth it is. If there are seams on the seat, they can be uncomfortable for your baby. Remember – babies have skin that is a lot more sensitive than yours. You don’t want them to have any rashes, do you?

Padded chairs with patterns are a better purchase because they can hide the stains better than solid colors can. Trust us when we tell you there will be a lot of stains you need to conceal.

The Harness

Similar to the seat belt on a car seat, there are safety harnesses on high chairs. These are found especially on the modern high chairs that have removable trays because they provide an added layer of security for your baby even when the tray has been removed.

Safety harnesses are very good at preventing your child from trying to stand on or slipping off of the high chair. Just like the child car seat belt, the harness on high chairs also come in two different kinds.

  1. Five Point Harnesses – these are the harnesses everybody will recommend and so shall we. They hold both the upper and lower body of your child in place. There are a couple of straps going over the shoulder of the child and another two around the waist with one between the legs. All of them meet up at the buckle to make up the five points.
  2. Three Point Harness – Three point harnesses are only going to secure the lower half of the body. Two straps that go around the waist and one between the legs to meet at the middle.

The buckles are designed in a way that an adult can open them with ease but children will find it impossible to do so without you helping them out.

The straps on the high chair you get for your child have to be adjustable. This allows you to make sure that your baby is adjusted and secured well on the seat properly even as the child grows older.

Crotch Post

Doesn’t really sound all that nice, does it? But the thing is that this is the only name you can give it. This is a vital part of the child’s high chair which ensures the safety of your child and prevents them from slipping out of the chair and getting stuck between the chair itself and the tray. This is a pole which is attached on the chair and the legs of your child will go on either side of it.


This is something we have highlighted and you might have noticed yourself by now. Not all of the high chairs come along with trays on them. There are those which will rely on the use of a table for the baby’s utensils and arm rest.

Whether you choose a high chair for your baby that comes with a tray or one that doesn’t depends on you entirely. Most parents prefer to buy high chairs for their baby which can be detached. You see, having a tray on the high chair makes it a lot easier to feed your child and it also gives the child a good arm rest.

The removable high chair trays make it awfully convenient when it comes to cleaning them up. There are even high chair trays that can be cleaned in dishwashers which makes your life a whole lot easier.

One seemingly small but incredibly important thing which you should look for in a tray for the high chair is a raised lip. The raised lip will help to make sure that food does not drip from the table on to the floor. While it can be argued that this isn’t exactly an essential feature, it will still make a world of a difference. Oh and the larger the tray, the better it will be to stop food from spilling down on the floor below.

Foot Rest

This is easily one of the most overlooked features on high chairs and there is no surprise about it. Who would imagine that a child needs a footrest when the child is not even able to walk? You see, the thing is that when you have a very young baby, the child will primarily think about one task at a time. That means the child will be making the decision between sitting upright and eating food with hands.

When you’re at that tender age, sitting upright is actually quite a bit of a task. If the legs are dangling underneath the baby, it will make sitting upright a lot harder for the child. If you provide your baby with a footrest, you’re essentially helping the baby develop good motor skills at an early age.

Take for instance yourself and imagine you’re sitting in the kitchen on a tall stool. If your feet are dangling underneath you, while you may have a good sense of balance, you won’t be able to take care of very intricate tasks while focusing on sitting upright. It’s the same principle with the baby.

Having something to keep your feet on will help to make sure that you’re seated more securely. That’s why you should get a high chair for your baby that comes with a footrest.

Stability of the High Chair

Typically, high chairs are designed in a way to keep your baby approximately three feet above the ground. Three feet may not be a lot for you but for a baby, three feet is a very long way to fall down from. You need to make sure that the high chair you get for your baby is as stable as possible. You don’t want it toppling over at the slightest nudge.

There are two factors which determine the stability of the high chair. The first is the width of the base. The wider the base is, the less likely it is to tip over. The second factor is the number of points that the chair is making contact with from the ground. There are high chairs that come with four points of contact but there are also high chairs that come with a whole base in contact with the ground.

Oh and having rubber stoppers installed on the high chair’s base will make sure that the high chair doesn’t move when the child is wiggling in the seat.

Ease of Storage

With high chairs, the storage options you have vary depending on the kind of high chair you have and the different models that manufacturers make. The portable chairs are very easy to fold up and store away. The same can be said about space savers. They’re very easy to store. Traditional high chairs cannot be folded and are a pain to store away.

If you’re living in a small house or an apartment, it is always going to be a better option to get the kind of high chair that doesn’t get in the way every time. If you live in a large house, it doesn’t matter how much space the high chair takes. The size shouldn’t affect your decision of purchasing the high chair.

With the high chairs that can fold easily, how compact they can get after folding depends on the model and making of the high chair. Compare the different kinds of high chairs to determine which one is more suitable in a folded form for better storage. Oh and of course, it is important to ensure that the folding mechanism is secure and can be locked into place. You won’t want the child’s high chair to go into a folded position while the child is still seated, would you? Yeah, we thought so. Make sure that the mechanism on the high chair you’re buying is solid.


Wait what? Wheels? On the high chair? Yes, it may seem like an absurd concept to a lot of people but trust us on this one.

Not all parents want to feed their child in the same room every time they have to feed the child. You might be feeding the child in the kitchen while you’re preparing lunch, you might want to feed your child while you’re sitting in the study and you might even want to feed the child while you’re in the lounge watching TV. Having a high chair with wheels on it will make moving it around a lot easier for you.

They allow you to just slide the high chair between the different rooms without having to pick it up and place it every time you want to move. Once you have the high chair in the perfect spot for the moment, just engage the locks on the wheels and voila. Your high chair will not roll away from you.

There are high chairs that have four wheels on them but there are also those which come with just two wheels. They have to be tilted back to an angle where the wheels are making a proper contact with the ground and it is easy to move them around. High chairs with wheels can be annoying when you have carpeting or thick rugs in your home.


Admit it or not, how the high chair looks is actually an important factor. It only makes sense. If it is going to be a piece of furniture inside your home, you will want to make sure that it looks good, right? Fortunately for you, high chairs across different brands come in a plethora of designs of different kind that will suit even the fussiest of design-centric parents’ homes.

And that there is the ultimate and the only guide which you will ever need when you want to purchase a high chair. No more trial and error as a young parent, we are sure that after reading this guide, you will make the best choice when it comes to your child’s high chair from the get-go.