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Puffy Mattress

Your Guide To A Perfect Night of Rest

Puffy Mattress Sleep

Stage 1 - Drowsy

Stage 1 is state of drowsiness. It is the transition between wakefulness and sleep. It represents only 2% to 5% of your total sleep.Your brain produces slow brain waves and your muscle and brain activity slows down. You can experience slow eye movements and  occasional muscle twitching commonly known as "hypnic jerks."  It is easily interrupted and you are not fully asleep.

Puffy Mattress in a box

Stage 2 - Light Sleep

Stage 2 is the Light Sleep phase.  It represents 45% to 55% of daily sleep.  In order the protect your brain from awakening from sleep, it produces rythmic brain waves called "sleep spindles" intermixed with sleep structures known as "K complexes."  Your body temperature decreases and your heart rate begins to slow down.

Puffy Moderate Sleep

Stage 3- Moderate Sleep

Stage 3 is the Moderate Sleep Phase.  It is the transitional period before the "deep sleep" phase. It represents 3% to 8% of your total sleep. Your brain starts to produce slower brain waves called "delta waves."  Awakenings and arousals are rare.

Puffy Deep Sleep

Stage 4 - Deep Sleep

Stage 4 is the "deep sleep" phase. It represents 10% to 15% of the daily sleep. The brain continues to produce "delta waves."  You will experience breathing and limited muscle activity. Sleepwalking and bed wetting can occur during this phase.

Puffy REM Sleep

Stage 5 - REM Sleep

Stage 5 is the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) phase.  It represents 20% to 25% of the daily sleep.  Eye movements are rapid, moving from side to side and brainwaves start to speed.  Dreaming occurs during the REM sleep phase..  Your muscles will relax and your heart rate will increase. Breathing becomes more rapid and shallow.  Awakenings and arousals are more common during REM sleep and can result in a feeling of weakness or groginess.