Top 6 Best Beaches of the World

Top 6 Beaches Turks and Caicos

What makes a Top 6 Best Beach is something that depends on the people traveling to it. There are people that prefer open and wide beaches with plenty of things to do. Then there are those people who prefer secluded beaches with calm and soothing waves. We have taken into consideration a lot of factors. Everything from beach quality, accessibility and uniqueness of scenery was accounted for. After all the extensive research, we have for you a list of the most amazing beaches in the world.

Big Island Beach, Hawaii – #1

Big Island Beach Hawaii top 6 best beaches


The first entry on the Top 6 Best Beaches list is the Big Island Beach in Hawaii. This each is a relaxation destination which is often forgotten about and its amazing qualities get overlooked.

This whole island has beaches to die for. Oahu is the best place for surfers from all over the world. People love partying at Oahu beach and it’s great for those looking for adventures in the outdoors. Then there is Maui. It is the quintessential family beach. For the people looking for a romantic getaway, Kauai is going to offer them the most luxurious setting they can imagine.

Amidst all of this, the Big Island beach tends to get overlooked. So, we’ll tell you about it.

This beach is nothing short of majestic. Big Island is unique in its geography. You get everything from the snow-capped mountains to a beach with black sand. There are lush green rain forests to literal deserts of hardened lava over there, courtesy of the Kilauea volcano.

This is not the typical Hawaiian vacation destination. This island has everything from Hawaii you’ve never seen and it is a must-visit destination.

Phuket Beach, Thailand – #2

Phuket Beach Thailand Top 6 Best Beaches


The Top 6 Best Beaches list would never be complete without Phuket in there somewhere. Second on the list is one of the most popular beaches on the planet. Found in the southwestern Thai island of Phuket, this beach is a revelation to the world.

Just an hour’s flight away from Bangkok, this destination is a small island that seems to be a piece of the Biblical paradise itself.

The beach includes everything from the likes of boat tours to spas. This might make you imagine a pricey vacation. You would be so wrong. Compared to almost all the other entries on the list, this place has a very low price tag for the experiences it offers. And it is not just the appeal of the tropical climate that attracts the visitors. The traditional cuisine unique to Thailand along with the rich culture of the Phuket Island makes it one of the best beaches in the world.

Manuel Antonio Beach, Costa Rica – #3

Phuket Beach Thailand Top 6 Best Beaches


In the Latin American nation of Costa Rica, you have everything from unspoiled beaches, rain forests and plenty of wildlife. You get to climb active volcanoes, surf through the warm waters and you can take a zip line through the rain forests covered in clouds.

The diversity and the abundance of outdoor activities make this a wonderful destination for everybody.

Besides all these things, the way of life of the residents there is also a big attraction. The local Ticos use the phrase “pura vida” quite a lot. The literal translation of it is pure life. It’s a good philosophy they live by and it grows on all visitors.

Oia Beach, Santorini – #4

Oia Beach Santorini Top 6 Best Beaches


A volcanic eruption in 1650 BC saw a single island implode and break apart into several islands. Modern day Santorini consists of two major islands and multiple small islands. Visitors to Santorini find themselves mostly on the largest island in Santorini called Thira. This is the island that has Santorini’s two major cities, namely Oia and Fira. Then there are the quieter islands of Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni, that are popular destinations for people looking for a calm and relaxing time.

The first thing you do when you go to Santorini is find the beaches. There are beaches with red sand, black sand and the popular white sand beaches. It makes a colorful combination of beaches which you can enjoy to your heart’s delight.

Spread across the various islands are ruins from great empires that used the place as homestead back in ancient times. The small area of it means a lot of people spend just one day trying to explore the place. Those who really like to savor their trip to this immaculate place take their time. A week is more than ideal for you to bask in the glory of Santorini. You will learn that there is a lot more to the history of these small islands than meets the eye.

Matala Beach, Crete – #5

Matala Beach Crete Top 6 Best Beaches


Another entry on the Top 6 Best Beaches list is the Island of Crete. This is the second Greek destination that is an open secret among avid travelers. If you can describe Crete in one word, it would be diverse.

Among all the high mountains lie sandy beaches and forests of palm trees. Amidst it all are ancient structures from the centuries gone by juxtaposed with modern cities. All these share the coastlines with each other.

The architecture of this Island is littered with the works of empires from the past. You will get to see everything; from the Ottoman Empire to the Venetians and even the Minoans with a dab of Greek architecture. Imagine all these things with the background of the turquoise sea and colorful beaches. This place is nothing short of heavenly.

Nice Beach, France – #6

Nice Beach France Top 6 Best Beaches


Pronounced like the English word ‘niece’, this is one of the major port towns in the French Riviera. Everybody from history buffs, high culture enthusiasts to beach goers come flocking to Nice for their vacations. The port town on the Mediterranean shores has a lot more to offer than a tiny city by the water.

The architecture on Nice with Baroque style of construction, the palm trees and the twisted streets… The ruins of the ancient Roman buildings and the Place Massena, all with the backdrop of the beautiful sandy beaches and azure sea are mesmerizing.

Besides these things, Nice has a reputation for a great nightlife which makes this an excellent place to visit. Make sure you conserve a little energy for the parties in Nice. That’s where you will truly learn why it really deserves its place on the list of the best beaches in the world.


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