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We receive referral fees from partners.

We receive referral fees from partners.

We receive referral fees from partners.

  • UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller 2018 Henry Style
  • Chicco Keyfit 30 Reviews
  • PROS
  • One of the best bassinets for 2018

    Durable, made of excellent materials

    Many seating combinations
  • CONS
  • It is slightly wider than other models

    Bottom strap of the buckle is very short

    Rain cover does not fit the bassinet
  • After trying the 2017 model it was hard to believe that UPPAbaby could have upgraded the Vista so significantly in such a short period of time. This is one of the best convertible strollers of 2018. Our favorite enhancements are the newly designed & roomier Vista Bassinet, the upgraded front wheel design, and the new vista style options. UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller 2018 did not disappoint!
  • BOB Revolution Flex Stroller, Black
  • Maxi-Cosi Mico Nxt
  • PROS
  • HUGE canopy

    Adjustable handle bar

    Adjustable suspension system
  • CONS
  • No Automatic lock.


    No cup holder
  • The Revolution Flex has become one of our most recommended best baby travel system strollers. The stroller is very agile, maneuverable, easy to steer, and made of durable materials. BOB Revolution PRO hits all the key points and that’s why we made it OUR PICK.
  • Bugaboo Fox Complete Stroller, Black/Fresh White
  • Maxi-Cosi Mico Nxt
  • PROS
  • Reversible seat with one-hand deep recline

    All-terrain wheels & suspension

    Agility & maneuverability
  • CONS
  • Folding needs some practice

    No peek-a-boo window

    Accessories are sold separately
  • Bugaboo Fox is not only multi-functional and user-friendly - it's also stylish and sophisticated. All the details are cleverly designed and the whole stroller is built to last. The chassis is strong, lightweight and easy to lift. The fabrics are very rich, comfortable, and soft to the touch. It's a high-end stroller.
  • Summer Infant 3D-one Convenience Stroller, Geometric Blue
  • Safety 1st Grow & Go Reviews
  • PROS
  • Compact and lightweight portability

    Generous, expandable sun canopy

    Smooth ride
  • CONS
  • The clip-on cup holder is flimsy

    The buckle padding is cumbersome (removable)

    Doesn't stand when folded
  • Summer Infant 3D-one Convenience Stroller is the perfect choice for a convenience stroller. It has all the features and comfort you are looking for. Its lightweight frame and ease of use makes this stroller stand out from the others. Definitely a very popular stroller this year.
  • Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller, Tangerine
  • Maxi-Cosi Mico Nxt
  • PROS
  • Compact design

    Simple Folding Mechanism

    A padded 5 point harness
  • CONS
  • Storage is quite small

    May Not Be Suitable for Taller Parents

    Non-padded handles
  • Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller is one of the best rated lightweight strollers around today. Its simplistic design is perfect for parents who just want a stroller for its most fundamental function. The price point is attractive as well. So, if you like simplicity in a lightweight stroller, I’d say that the Chicco Capri stroller is perfect for you.

How to Buy a Stroller

Until you actually go out and try shopping for one, a lot of people might be under the assumption that buying a stroller for your baby is an easy task. Now that you have been looking into it with a child (or children) on the way, it doesn’t seem so easy, does it? Don’t worry, new parent. We have been helping people on how to decide on the kind of stroller that will be perfect for their needs and here is a much needed guide on how to buy a stroller.


Top 6 Strollers


Strollers – The Basics

Essentially, a stroller is a very important tool for a parent which they will need right from the beginning until their child can learn how to walk at length on his/her own. Typically, children are able to walk well enough to get around themselves at the age of three or four but a lot of parents feel that it is necessary to have a stroller for their child until the child can hit the eight year old mark. The reason for that is that even though 4 year olds can walk well enough, they will get very tired and very irritated if they have to walk long distances. No parent wants a cranky child.

With so many strollers out there to choose from, it can be quite a task figuring out which one will be perfect for your family’s needs. There are so many things that you have to take into consideration like how much you will be pushing the stroller and what is the budget that you can allocate for it. If you’re planning to go on long strolls with your baby in the urban neighborhood you live in, you will need to have the kind of baby stroller which is tough but it is easy to steer through the streets. You need to be able to get it into shops, push above the curb and carry it along through public transport.

If you live in a suburban area where your travelling is more in a car, you will need to get the kind of stroller which can easily fit into the car in addition to all of the above factors. There is a lot to think about and understandably, it can get overwhelming for a lot of people. If you need to use a stroller primarily while you will be out running some errands, than you can just manage it with a stroller which can easily detach and become a car seat for your baby as well. There are also strollers that are made for jogging. They are a particular favorite among parents who like the great outdoors and would love to take their baby out with them during their jogging runs. As your child grows older, you might just end up with a bunch of different strollers as your child grows older and the changing needs that come along with it.

Choosing Strollers

Now that you have a good idea about strollers and what they are, we are going to talk about how you can choose the kind of stroller that you will need. Let’s take a look at the different kinds of strollers so that you have a good idea of the choices you have and what they mean for you.

Standard Stroller

Strollers come in many different shapes and sizes. Standard strollers also come in different styles of making depending on the manufacturer and the models but almost all of the standard strollers come with some form of padded seating that is comfortable and allows for the seat to be reclined into several different positions. A lot of them come with canopies that provide the baby with shade and they have some storage area beneath them. Some standard strollers come with seats that face forward while there are those that face the baby towards the parent. Oh and there are also those that can allow you to change the orientation from front facing to back facing and vice versa. Standard strollers can be the simplest ones to the most expensive ones depending on the additional features they offer.

Jogging Strollers

Joggling strollers are three wheelers which have a very lightweight frame. They have large wheels and offer both the person pushing the stroller and the baby a smoother experience through even mildly rough terrain. They are an excellent choice for parents who are looking to take their babies on long walks, runs and even hiking through the woods given that the terrain is not too rough. There are even jogging strollers which allow for two babies on a single stroller.

If you’re looking at an urban landscape, these are very good for steep climbs and getting them over curbs. The thing is that their size makes it next to impossible moving them up and down a staircase, elevators and in shopping stores. Oh and they’re also pretty difficult to fold as much as the other models.

Lightweight Strollers

Lightweight strollers are also known as umbrella strollers. They are very light, can fold easily and are very compact when they are folded. The thing with them is that they are not something that come with a lot of protective padding and they are not too adjustable compared to other strollers. That being said, they are very good at doing what they do. They are also JPMA certified, meaning they are adequate for safely transporting your baby and the biggest selling point other than their light weight and mobility is that they are considerably cheaper than other models. These are not the kind of strollers you want to get for the youngest ones. If your baby is older than 6 months, it will be a better fit. The reason for that is that they don’t offer a lot of reclining options when it comes to the seat and they don’t come with headrests good enough for small infants.

Travel Systems

They are jogging strollers or standard strollers that can accommodate infant car seats. They are quite hefty when it comes to their size and weight. They are also more expensive but the thing is that they can be used even when an infant has outgrown the car seat. Travel systems usually come with a stroller and an infant car seat to go along with it.

Car Seat Strollers

These are lightweight metallic frames which are designed with the purpose of carrying certain kinds of car seats for infants. You can easily remove a car seat from the car and install it on to the stroller frame. As simple as that, you can manage to adjust the sleeping child from the car seat to the stroller without causing even the slightest of disturbance o the baby. They are relatively quite lightweight (but not as lightweight as umbrella strollers) and they can be folded up in a compact manner. That makes them ideal for traveling along with since you can place them in the car trunk without a hitch. You won’t be able to use this once the child has outgrown the child seat part which you fit into the car.

Double Strollers and Triple Strollers

If you have two or more children around the same age (twins or a year or two apart) and you have to push them at once, you should get yourself a double or triple stroller. These models allow for the kids to be seated on the front and the back while there are side by side options available in double strollers as well.

These “tandem” strollers are actually quite convenient when it comes to steering them but the leg room can be a problem for the rear seats on these things. It’s recommended that if you have a younger child, you have the infant seated on the rear seat while the older one can go in the front. Side by side strollers are a bit difficult to navigate with because they are quite wide but they offer uniform leg space for both or all three of the children.

Things to Consider While Buying The Stroller

Now that you know about the different kinds of strollers and what they can offer you in terms of convenience and features, you can decide on which one you will need to buy according to your needs. That being said, we are not yet done. There are a few things that you need to consider when you are out and about looking to buy the child car seat.

Safety: You need to make sure that the baby stroller you are getting is completely safe. The stroller should be able to properly lock into position from folded to unfolded. The mechanism should be easy to use but at the same time very sturdy. This is crucial because it will prevent the stroller from collapsing accidentally while your baby is inside it. Thoroughly examine the frame to see whether or not there are any sharp edges on the stroller. Infant fingers are pretty small and you need to be sure of the fact that they are safe from any harmful parts on the stroller. JPMA certification is an absolute must when it comes to the assurance of safety with the stroller for your child.

Adjustable Seat: Newborn babies require seats that can recline to an almost horizontal position. They need to have that until the point comes where they are capable of supporting the weight of their own heads so that they can sit up. This is a must until typically around the age of 8 months or so. Even when the babies are a little older than that, a reclining seat provides an excellent option to make it easy for them to get to napping. Babies need to sleep as much as they can at that age and you can use some much needed rest as well when they are napping.

Harness: The older the baby gets, the more it becomes necessary to have the right kind of harness to secure the baby into place. The safest of course is a five point harness system which goes around the waist, between the legs and comes down from over the shoulders of the baby. Ideally, a five point harness with a two-point buckle that is easy to unbuckle for you but not for the child.

Storage: For all the necessities you need to take along with you for your baby’s care (diapers and other essentials), a stroller that comes along with an under the seta basket is going to be the best. It can also come in very handy when you’re out buying groceries with the baby because of the extra storage space it provides.

Ease of Washing: The baby stroller has to have a fabric which you can wash easily. You have an infant. Other than the fact that they have no controller over their bladders, they can make a big mess of the stroller. It is only natural. You have to provide them with the most hygienic setting and for that to be possible, the fabric has to be washable.

Canopy: A stroller that comes with an adjustable canopy is going to be crucial when you’re going out with the baby in the outdoors. It will protect the baby from harmful UV rays from the sun and makes the ride more comfortable for the child.

Height of Handle: One of the main factors when it comes to the maneuverability of the stroller is the handle. The handle has to be high enough that you won’t have to bend in order to be able to push it. Otherwise you can risk harm to your back over the long run. The handle also has to be long enough so that you have enough leg space. Otherwise you will constantly be focusing on avoiding the back of the stroller from being kicked while you’re pushing it.

Brakes: At the last but not in the very least, we have the brakes. Are the brakes on the stroller easy to operate? They need to be. Right from the offset, when you are testing the strollers in the store, you need to test the brakes. Consider whether you would ideally want the brakes that lock both the front and back wheels simultaneously or if they lock individually from the back and the front.

Final Thoughts

We’ve hopefully managed to convey enough information so that you have all the help that you need when it comes to buying that stroller for your baby. Remember, it is not about the brand of the stroller but what the stroller itself can offer you based on what you need. Just make sure that he stroller is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. If the stroller meets the safety requirements and the needs of your family, it is perfect for you.