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Concourse Lending Review : “Americans Don’t Know How To Save!”

Concourse Lending Complaints

Concourse Lending Review: Americans Are Still Borrowing More Than They Should The Concourse Lending Review was written to educate the public about the borrowing and savings habits of ordinary Americans over the last ten years. September of ’08 saw the economic dynamic of the whole world shift. Almost everybody felt the ground slip from underneath […]

6 Ways To Deal With Debt Collectors

Six Ways to Deal With Debt Collectors

If you have a forgotten or unpaid bill that has gone to collection, don’t worry. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act offers you many rights when dealing with debt collectors. Listed below are six important tips to know when a third-party debt collector contacts you. Get all the important information in writing – As per […]

Are You Drowning In Debt? Here Are Our Top 6 Tips

Top 6 Debt Relief Tips

Top 6 Debt Relief Tips To Stop You From Drowning In Debt Debt is an issue that can spiral out of control in a short period of time. The only real way to tackle rising debt is to take action. Although it can be incredibly difficult to face up to the fact that you’re in […]

Is It A Debt Consolidation Scam? Native American Indian Style

Tweed Lending Reviews

It seems the Indian Wars are from over.  MHA Nation of North Dakota has declared a debt war on the American consumer – they are doing it from Fargo