Freedom Debt Relief

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Freedom Debt Relief
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Freedom Debt Relief is a debt relief company that is part of the larger Financial Freedom Network LLC. Freedom Debt Relief offers a solution for customers with large debt problems, helping to negotiate with creditors and allow customers to pay less than the amount owed on their debts. The company is the largest of its kind in the U.S., and has helped to settle debts for over half a million clients. They have resolved over $8.5 billion in debt for their clients since they began offering their services in 2002.
Freedom Plus

Freedom Plus's loans are arranged by Freedom Financial Asset Management, an asset management company for accredited institutional accounts that want exposure to consumer lending. The company is affiliated with Freedom Financial Network (FFN) which specializes in providing comprehensive consumer advocacy services through its FreedomPlus, Consolidation Plus, Freedom Debt Relief and Freedom Tax Relief products.
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