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Pacific Debt Inc
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Pacific Debt Inc

Pacific Debt

Pacific Debt is a solid established business in its industry still running, with 15 years in business and a reputation for providing excellent advice and results.

We are going to find out whether their services have really stood the test of time with a closer look at the Good, Bad, and Bottom Line of Pacific Debt will help us explore whether this reputation is earned and whether they’re the right service for you.

Pacific Debt: The Good

  •         Easy-to-reach, free advice
  •         Great results
  •         Widely recommended

Pacific Debt enjoys a rich reputation, so let’s look at why that is..

Areas where Pacific Debt Excels:

Easy-to-reach, free advice

Their website provides immediate access to a free consultation. This consultation goes deeper than the average competitor’s quote, helping you understand which strategies might be best for you well before you’ve signed any agreement.

Great results

On average, Pacific Debt helps customers achieve up to a fifty percent reduction in debt in either two or four years. On top of that, their fees total between 15% and 25% of the original debt, placing them on par with or above their average competitor on total money saved.

Widely recommended

Beyond having a stellar reputation in reviews, Pacific Debt is certified by the industry’s two major bodies, the IAPDA and AFCC, meaning that all agents are thoroughly trained in best practice and the company policies are regularly audited to be responsible and fair. Furthermore, they have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Summary of The Good:

The results, the reviews, and the process of getting advice all shows a business that is successful in helping customers achieve their aims in the most ethical and responsible manner possible.

Pacific Debt: The Bad

  •         Can be foggy on the details
  •         Forceful sales tactics
  •         Not available to all

It is hard to argue the results and the driven methods that Pacific Debt shows in helping its customers. However, certain elements of the customer service could stand to be improved.

Areas where Pacific Debt Could Improve

Can be foggy on the details

Agents have sometimes had a hard time explaining the specifics of the different services on offer, though the website provides many of those details for them.

Forceful sales tactics

While consultations are free, you can expect to be asked to provide several details before signing on as a customer. After succeeding a soft credit check, you might be subject to pushy sales tactics urging you towards one of their plans.

Not available to all

Only unsecured debts of over $10,000 are considered eligible by Pacific Debt. Furthermore, they don’t operate in 22 states, so it’s worth checking if you are eligible before getting a consultation.

Summary of The Bad:

Dealing with Pacific Debt can feel uncomfortable due to their sales tactics and seeming elusiveness on the details of their services, even if their actual practices don’t reflect those fears at all.

Pacific Debt: The Bottom Line

Pacific Debt has a solid reputation, however, they are not able to compete with some of the industry leaders

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Pacific Debt has a solid reputation, however, they are not able to compete with some of the industry leaders
Top 6 Digital | October 20, 2018

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