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Kasamba Psychic Chat Reviews
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Kasamba Overview

Founded more than 20 years ago, Kasamba has served more than three million people. Starting off as Live Person and offering a variety of people offering advice, several years ago Kasamba settled on psychic readings, and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, there are thousands of psychics that work on the Kasamba platform.
The company specializes in a wide variety of psychic readings, from career advice to love readings, tarot, astrology, dream analysis and more. Kasamba offers a real-time chat platform that lets you speak with your psychic, creating a feeling akin to an in-person meet.
Kasamba offers 3 minutes free and 50% off any first time session with a psychic. While 3 minutes may not be enough to really get a comprehensive idea about a psychic, it does give you a basic impression and makes taking that leap more risk-free.

Kasamba.com Highlights

More than two decades of service to people seeking out answers from psychic readers.
A huge range of reading types, many of which are not offered on other sites.
Satisfaction guarantee for readings and a solid customer services program.
24/7 real time chat on any device, including a cool app


Try different psychics free – 3 free minutes whenever you try a new psychic
Ability to look back on your psychic chat reading transcripts for many years.
Website is easy to navigate and the search feature makes it simple to find a particular reader.
Wide variety of rates - as low as $1.99


Some of the readers are extremely expensive, upwards of $20/minute.
No video chat available

Types of Services Offered on Kasamba.com

24/7 chat, talk or app
Your need for advice can’t be limited to office hours. Sometimes you may feel the need late at night or on the weekend, at home or on the go. Kasamba’s experts are always there to support you 24/7, in any way you want – mobile chat, phone conversation or desktop. Kasamba also features an app which turns your sessions into an ultra-enjoyable experience. You can chat with your reader anywhere, discreetly and conveniently, as you would with a close friend.

Online mailbox
For privacy purposes, you may want to speak to a psychic without being on the site. Kasamba supplies users with a special mailbox they can use at their own discretion to email psychics.

Career and love psychic readings
Many of the psychics on Kasamba specialize in helping people answer the big questions about their love life or careers. Sometimes when we’re grappling with these big life decisions, it helps to have someone impartial on the outside looking in.

Tarot reading
Though they are often thought of as being a way to read the future, Tarot card readings actually give us insight into ourselves and who we are. If you’re dealing with anxiety and uncertainty, a tarot card reading is a unique way to get some insight and perspective.

Variety of languages
Kasamba is one of the few US-based psychic reading sites to offer German language sessions, in addition to Spanish and French speaking psychics. This reflects the large number of specialists on the site and the almost unparalleled variety of readings it hosts.

Dream analysis
We spend about a third of our lives asleep, and our dreaming mind is one of the universe’s great mysteries. Dream analysis readings help you unlock what it all means, so if you’re tossing and turning at night and trying to make sense of those lucid dreams, a session may be a good idea.

Other specialties
The variety on Kasamba is really unlike anywhere else. In addition to standard offerings like fortune telling and love psychics, the company also features readers who specialize in Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), occult, past life readings, eastern philosophy, and much more.

Communication Methods on Kasamba.com
The messaging chat lets a psychic and a user really immerse in the consultation and feel like they’re both taking part in an in-person meeting. You can chat with a psychic anytime and anywhere to fulfil an acute or immediate need for advice and comfort. Not only that, the email mailbox provided by Kasamba means you can contact the psychic at length even when you’re off the site or during their off hours, with full privacy.

Customer Support on Kasamba.com
If you’re ever unhappy with a reading, you can submit a refund request to the site within 72 hours of the end of the reading. If approved, you’ll receive a refund on your account that you can use for another session.
Pricing on Kasamba is determined by the psychics themselves. There is a wide range of pricing and a vast array of advisors and psychic specialties. Some advisors charge as little as $1 per minute and others even $20 per minute or higher, depending on their experience and reputation. See what works for your budget, but consider the experience and customer reviews in addition to the price.

Psychic Screening Process

Kasamba’s 20 years of experience are proof of its long-term commitment to quality. Kasamba has an internal quality assurance team, and unlike other sites, Kasamba does not rely only on user reviews, but strictly controls the quality of its experts using professional standards. Accordingly, Kasamba has always implemented a meticulous screening process for its experts, under which only 1% of applicants are allowed to provide services. The process includes a background check, a test reading and a personal interview, all handled by our quality control team. Furthermore, Kasamba follows up on customer feedback relating to its experts, to make sure its quality standards are continually upheld. Kasamba’s screening process guarantees that you will enjoy service from experienced, professional top-of-the line psychic readers.

Content for users
Kasamba offers rich content for users, including Love Horoscopes analyzing how the position of each star impacts your love life and relationships; Birthday Horoscopes providing a comprehensive annual horoscope, spanning the love, career and financial aspects of the upcoming year; emailed Daily Weekly or Monthly Horoscopes for reading with your morning coffee; How to Articles about using tarot cards or analyzing dreams; and Psychic Spotlight, offering a special discount on a featured psychic every month, allowing you to try different experts to find your match.

Kasamba has a variety of specialties unlike virtually any other psychic readings site, meaning that even some of the most niche specialties are covered. The 24/7 chat is ultra-convenient, allowing you to interact with your psychic anytime and anywhere. The site also includes appealing first-time deals to try out a new psychic and give the site a test run, so for first-time users and people looking to try out a very broad array of readings, it is a very solid choice.

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Kasmba was founded more than 20 years ago and has served more than three million people. Starting off as Live Person and offering a variety of people offering advice, several years ago Kasamba settled on psychic readings, and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, there are thousands of psychics that work on the Kasamba platform.
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