Psychic Services – A Mysterious $2 Billion Industry?

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Psychic Services Is A Major League Industry

There is a new industry surging forward in the post recession era.  It isn’t bitcoin and it isn’t tech.  It is the Psychic Services Industry. The great recession that turned the country on its head back in 2008 was very bad for the economy. Millions lost their jobs and the country was in shambles. Nobody saw it coming and nobody knew how to prepare for what happened. The thing is that the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave is a resilient nation. We have managed to make it despite all the odds and the post recession era has ushered in renewed prosperity for our country. There are more jobs being added to the market now than ever before. According to the reports by the Department of Labor, the economy has added almost 300,000 in just the June of 2018 alone. This brings up the total number of new jobs added to 14.8 million since February of 2010. While you might have just had your palm read or read a horoscope here and there, it is easy to think that fortune telling is not a legit industry. You would be so wrong. According to recent reports, psychic readings and other affiliated services generate a revenue stream worth over $2 billion annually and growing, it is nothing short of a huge industry. People involved with cartomancy, palmistry, aura readings, astrology and mediumship have been rolling upwards. Around 85,000 people work in the psychic services industry throughout the country and they make over a billion in total earnings throughout the year.

Who Uses Psychic Services?

Well, a lot of people actually. According to reports, atheists and agnostics are the core consumer of psychic love readings.  The number of people not affiliating with any religion in America is increasing every day. This is always going to be good news for the psychic industry. The demand for psychic services has seen a massive increase with the changing belief system of the people. Common folk like you and me are not the only  consumers of psychic services. There are clients that include the top tier executives. This is apparently what we have got to know from Fortune’s Polina Marinova in a report she published back in September 2015. It might sound surprising but a lot of entrepreneurs employ the services of psychic readers like Robert Ohotto. Among his clients are some of the top executives that work at the global search giant Google. According to Ohotto, all the people that have had a lot of success develop an innate intuition for better business practice. Those who do not develop the intuition refer to the people who are renowned for theirs. It is also not surprising that there are a lot of critics to be found. There are several psychics in New York who have been convicted of crimes like grand larceny. It only makes sense. They have been sent to jail for scamming people for literally thousands of dollars. These psychics do not offer their services for a penny an hour. They are expensive. May saw a man in New Jersey be arrested for charging north of $40,000 for removing an unwanted spirit. The man started off by asking for $100 per crystal ball session. The client was incredibly gullible so he kept on charging more and more. The faintest sense of common logic did come to the client and he got suspicious. He reported the so-called psychic to the police and charged the man with theft by deception. There are a lot of regulations being introduced in order to put an end to all the fraudulent activities in this industry. There are a lot of cities which require a license for someone to be able to provide psychic services. Over the course of the next ten years, increasing regulations will come in and possibly hinder the acceleration of the industry’s growth. The thing is that the growth will only slow down but not stop. The market for psychics in post recession America is great. There are a lot of people who believe in the ability of fortune tellers to tell them their futures are great. Considering what the recession did to the country, it is not surprising that people would want to hear all the good things that they can.

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