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psychic mediumsPsychic mediums work as a connecting bridge between the human world and the spirit world. First off, it is important to understand that psychics are able to read people’s energy and pick up on information regarding their past, present and future.

On the other hand, mediums are capable of communicating with the dead people in the spiritual world and conveying information from and to the physical world. In simple words, for being a psychic, it is not necessary to be a medium but all mediums are psychics.

So do you ever miss and wish to talk to a closed one who is not alive anymore? A psychic medium can help you do that! Many people fear and hesitate before going to one, thinking that evil spirits may come after them. Well, it is nothing but a mere misunderstanding.

Here are five things that you should know before visiting a psychic medium.

1.     What do Psychic Mediums do?Psychic Medium Reviews

As already stated above, psychic mediums communicate with the spirits. They offer a telephone service from the physical world to the spiritual world.

However, there is no dial in the telephone, which means that you cannot simply get connected with whomever you want to talk to every time. Instead, whoever is available at that particular time to answer the telephone will be connected with you.

2.     What Methods do Psychic Mediums Use?

A psychic medium can communicate with the deceased people in four different ways.

Unlike some spirits, most of them decide to show themselves to the psychic medium. Hence, the source of communication becomes sight. This gives way to two possibilities: Either the psychic medium may see the spirit through an inner vision in the eyes of his mind, or he may see a physical manifestation, meaning that he may see it the same way he sees other people.

This method of communication involves the spirit actually talking verbally to the psychic medium. The medium would be either hearing the messages in their minds only, like thoughts or hearing them directly just the way he hears other people. This method may sometimes be quite difficult to process since not every spirit is good at conveying messages verbally. This might be one reason why some readings are sketchy and unclear while others are detailed and specific.

Some psychic mediums experience sensations or feelings in their mind and body. The spirits make the medium sense or feel the emotion that relates to the message that they are trying to convey. For example, the medium might feel sad if the spirit is conveying a message of depression or he may feel pain in his head if the spirit wants to tell that a head trauma was the cause of his death.

Communicating through telepathic messages involve sending messages from one mind to the other. The spirits flash a picture or a word in the psychic medium’s mind to convey the message. This method requires correct interpretation of the messages on the medium’s side.

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3.     The State of Your Mind Is Important

Quite interestingly, the state of your mind and the audience’s (if any) affects the clarity of the messages coming from the spirits. Therefore, it is important to stay open-minded, positive, and show acceptance.

Otherwise, it would be a hindrance in the way of getting clear messages. The more relaxed and comfortable you and the audience are, the easier it would be for the psychic medium to receive and convey the messages accurately.

4.     Your Job is to Listen

Before you visit a psychic medium, bear this in mind: your role is more of a listener and the medium’s role is of the talker. Thus, let him do the talking and interpreting while you only answer yes, no, maybe, or don’t know according to what he asks you. There might be small inaccuracies on the part of the psychic medium but your job is not to interpret the messages yourself.

5.     Do not offer extra information – they might already know it:

One thing to avoid when you are with a psychic medium is feeding extra information to him. There is absolutely no need of doing it! Just listen to what the medium is saying and keep additional information to yourself. You never know, the next thing that he tells you might be the same – leave some space for the element of surprise!

As long as you know and follow these rules, there is no need to be afraid or nervous when going to visit a psychic medium. All you have to do is stay calm, relaxed, and light-minded, do your work, and let them do theirs.