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We receive referral fees from partners.

Freedom Debt Relief Reviews

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Personal loan offers can be difficult to compare due to the different services available and loan types around. For someone that needs money to consolidate debt, make home improvements, or to help them through a tough period, applying for a personal loan can often be an incredibly convoluted and confusing process.

Fiona introduces themselves as a loan matching service that helps to simplify the process, but is it worth using their platform instead of doing it yourself? We’ll be breaking down the GoodBad and conclude with a Bottom Line to help you decide if your financial worries are in good hands with EVEN Financial.

Fiona: The Goodfiona loan reviews

  • Wide range of loan amounts, from $1,000 to $100,000
  • Competitive loan rates, as low as 4.99%
  • Generates pre-approvals from top online lenders
  • Personalized loan offers in under two minutes
  • Data is safe and secure

Wide range of loan amounts

Because Fiona partners with a multitude of lenders, the minimum and maximum are flexible enough that you won’t need to worry about the amount you need to borrow. Fiona Financial has support from $1,000 all the way up to $100,000, giving you plenty of flexibility in your loan amount.

Competitive Loan Rates, as low as 4.99%

They can generate pre-approved loan offers from its prime lenders as low as 4.99%. These are fixed-interest rates as well, which won’t fluctuate over time.

Generates pre-approvals from top online lenders

They generate loan offers that users are pre-approved for, meaning that users do not have to go to each lender to apply for a loan. This saves the user a lot of time.

Personalized Loan Offers in under two minutes

It takes less than a minute to fill out Fiona’s form, and pre-approved loan offers can be generated in under 15 seconds.

Data is safe and secure

It is a secure online platform that protects your information and keeps it secure from criminals. Your privacy is a primary focus as they use 256-bit encryption, a higher security standard than most banks.

Fiona Financial: The Bad

  • Lack of reviews
  • Varied conditions and terms
  • Marketing spam
  • No guarantees
  • Limited lenders

Varied Conditions and Terms

Since you’ll be dealing with many different lenders, their terms and conditions will be different each time and this requires a lot of reading in order to get the best deals and understand your situation.

No Guarantees

None of the offers you see is guaranteed. They are just quotes based on information they have and the financial information you submit to them. This means offers can change once you do apply.

Limited Lenders

They advertise that they work with many different lenders, but in reality, this is dependent on your personal situation and they don’t connect with every single lender available. This means you could get a better deal by approaching lenders instead of using Fiona Financial.

Fiona: The Bottom Line

Fiona takes the stress out of applying for a personal loan, but it’s important to remember that they do not connect with every single lender out there and you can find better deals elsewhere if you put the effort in.

Best 2020 Debt Consolidation Reviews

Freedom Debt Relief Reviews
  • 9.85 / 10
  • Largest US Debt Settlement Company

    Over 615,000 Clients

    Over $9 Billion of Debt Resolved Since 2002

    Ranked #1 By Top 6 Digital

    TrustPilot 9.0 Rating
  • $10,000 Minimum Debt

    No Upfront Fees

    No Minimum Credit Score

    24 to 48 Month Program
  • As the largest negotiator of debt in the nation, Freedom Debt Relief takes a human approach to debt relief. Freedom has resolved over $10 billion in debt for over 650,000 people — far more than any other company. Freedom's program could help you resolve your debt of $10K-$100K in 24-48 months.
fiona reviews
  • 9.25 / 10
  • Free Resource To Help Loan Shoppers Get Best Loan Deals

    Offering an algorithm-based marketplace for lenders and borrowers.

    Borrowers are matched with the loan providers most likely to approve their applications.
  • Loan Amounts of $1,000 to $100,000

    2 to 84 Month Loan Terms

    580 Minimum Credit Score

    APRs of 4.99% of 35.99%
  • Fiona is a marketplace for lenders and borrowers that works with brands in the alternative lending industry, offering real-time pre-approval options quickly. Borrowers are matched with the loan providers most likely to approve their applications.
Lendingtree Bad Credit
  • 9.25 / 10
  • Largest Lending Network in the United States

    Rated A- by the Better Business Bureau

    Get Up to 5 Loan Offers In Minutes
  • Loan Amounts of $1,000 to $50,000

    3 to 15 Year Loan Terms

    580 Minimum Credit Score

    APRs of 5.99% of 35.99%
  • LendingTree is America's largest online lending marketplace. It connects borrowers with multiple lenders so they can find the best deals on loans, credit cards, deposit accounts, insurance and more. LendingTree allows borrowers to shop and compare competitive rates and terms across an array of financial products.
BadCreditLoan Reviews
  • 9 / 10
  • All Credit Types Accepted

    Safe & Secure Online Process

    Has Been In The Business of Helping People Since 1998

    A Convenient Option For Emergency Funds
  • Loans of $500 - $5,000

    Loan Terms of 3 - 72 Months

    APRs of 5.99% to 35.99

  • BadCreditLoans com has been helping borrowers with bad credit since 1998. Filling out & submitting the application are free and they use data encryption technology to make sure your information is protected. is a valuable resource for those seeking funds in times of need. Reviews
  • 9 / 10
  • Works With Excellent, Good, Fair & Poor Credit Borrowers

    Quick Online Process

    Proud Member of the Online Lender's Alliance

    Pay Your Loan Over Time
  • Loans of $1,000 to $35,000

    3 to 72 Month Loans

    APR of 5.99% to 35.99%

    1 Business Day Funds Directly Deposited to Bank Account
  • Personal Loans understands that searching for a loan can often be a daunting and confusing task, especially given the wide array of options that are available. Every aspect of their service has been designed and optimized with the customer in mind. They strive to offer you the most innovative and user friendly experience possible.


  • FIONA Review

Fiona - Three Stars!

FIONA is a personal loan matching service. They help you find the right loan for you, often with a low, fixed-interest rate. Borrowers submit their information and are provided pre-approved loan offers from different loan providers. This saves you a lot of time, hassle and money when looking for a personal loan.

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