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Is There A Perfect Stroller?

When choosing strollers, here is a cold and hard fact for you: There is no such thing as ‘the perfect stroller for all’. That is because strollers come in all different shapes and sizes. You know what that means? That means the good news is that somewhere out there, there is a kind of stroller out there which is going to be perfect for you. You see it is not about the best stroller that money can buy. It is actually about looking for the qualities that all the different strollers have and matching them with your needs as a family. This article is basically a comprehensive cheat sheet for all those who will become parents for the first time and are looking to make one of the first and most important purchase of their lives with a baby. There are no good or bad strollers out there. All the strollers in the market have to be JPMA certified, that means they all have to match a certain criteria for safety for the child or children they will be used to transport. It is just that the perfect stroller for your family is going to be the one that matches your needs the best out of the whole lot. When you read on, you will see 10 very important questions that we will help you answer. By the time you are done reading all of these questions and their answers, we assure you that you will be an expert on strollers and you will be able to find that perfect stroller which has been made just for you and your family. You will be able to look at a stroller and instantly tell whether or not that one sucks for you. Now let’s get going, shall we? Here are the questions 1. Are you planning to have another baby within the next three years? 2. Are you looking for one stroller which fits multiple purposes or are you looking for different strollers depending on the kind of situation you need them for? 3. What is your budget for buying a stroller? 4. Are you looking to buy the kind of infant car seat that can clip on to a stroller? 5. What kind of terrain will you mostly be using the stroller on? 6. How much space do you have in your home for the stroller? What is the most preferred way for you to travel? 7. How often will you be carrying around your stroller based on your living conditions and transportation options? 8. Do you need the stroller when you will be out and about running errands? 9. Is it going to be necessary to have a lot of drinking and snacking options close by with the stroller? 10. These features are to die for, first time parents (maybe not a question but an important point of discussion).

The Reason Why There’s No Such Thing As The Perfect Stroller

There are plenty of reasons why there are no perfect strollers out there. There are heavy duty strollers which provide more ease in maneuverability, they perform well on a bumpy surface, and they are a heck of a lot more durable than the others. The problem with those is that they can be quite a problem when it comes to getting them up and down the stairs, they are especially annoying when you are traversing through narrow spaces in stores and they are next to impossible to get into the trunk of a car if you have a lot of other stuff in there. When you take a look at the lighter strollers, they are quite easy to lift, they can be folded into compact areas and stored easily and they can be easy to move around. The problem with them is that they won’t perform all that well in a rough terrain and they are not as durable as heavy duty strollers. Okay, now to look at all the answers you came here to look for. Are you planning to have another baby within the next three years? This is one of the most important things to consider. Are you going to have another kid within the space of three years? If you are planning on that, you might want to consider getting a single stroller which converts into a double stroller. It will come in very handy when you have the second child and you need to push both of them around in the stroller. A lot of families regret their decision of buying a single stroller when they have their first child and passing out on a convertible one because it makes things a lot more difficult when they have their second child. They end up having to buy another stroller that can fit both of their children. Now, the importance of a double stroller cannot be emphasized enough. Nothing brings out the worst among toddler siblings than having to walk tirelessly while the other one gets to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride with the parents pushing the stroller. Having a stroller with two seats is going to save you from a lot of headache by removing a key source of conflict between your children. Of course, if the older one is too big to be carried around in a stroller, you cannot really do anything about bad sentiments the older child will have by looking at the younger sibling ride in luxury transport. While you can always get a single stroller when you have the first child and buy a double stroller when the second one comes along, having a convertible stroller will allow you to save on a lot of money. Are you looking for one stroller which fits multiple purposes or are you looking for different strollers depending on the kind of situation you need them for? For people who are becoming parents for the first time, the idea of buying multiple strollers might seem too excessive for their needs. Of course, there are all in one strollers which are found exceptionally convenient by a lot of parents. The thing is that if you own more than a single stroller, you can have the kind of stroller you need depending on your situation. Points in favor of all in one strollers: • If you get a lightweight stroller, they will be more than ideal for you to impress everybody around you. They are quite convenient to pack and carry around with you wherever you go. You can always find a multipurpose stroller which can be light enough to fulfill your needs and convenience. • If you’re looking to get a stroller which offers the whole travel stroller package, it won’t harm you to properly check if the stroller can get through the doorway. With the travel strollers, it all depends on whether or not you have the kind of space that can accommodate their bulky size and how okay you are with hauling a car seat, stroller, and all other baby essentials around with you all at the same time. • A lot of parents who end up buying joggers don’t really make use of them all too well. Joggers are strollers built for use while you’re running or going for long walks over rough terrain. The thing is that you should get these if you really are the kind of hardcore jogger who will continue to do so after the baby arrives. Points in favor of a multi stroller lifestyle • If you really are someone who jogs regularly and you have to take your child along with you while you jog, there is no better option for you in terms of the stroller you should take than the joggers. You cannot run with an all in one stroller. It is way too risky and they are not designed for that purpose. Joggers are three wheelers with big enough wheels for better comfort on rougher terrain. The thing is that you cannot use these indoors because they are just too plain bulky for indoor use. • If you have very simple uses for a stroller like going to the mall and running errands, having a smaller stroller will make your life quite easy. They allow for more leg space, better maneuverability in tight spaces and are ideal for the smoother surfaces. • Travel strollers are an excellent option for when you have big travel plans. If you’re going somewhere by air, you need to get a travel stroller which you can easily get on to the plane as carryon luggage and it can fit inside the trunk of a car without a hassle. All the features it offers for the travelling family can come in quite handy. What is your budget for buying a stroller? When you are a first time parent, one of the most shocking revelations for you can be the fact that strollers can cost you quite a lot. Young parents tend to assume that an expensive stroller would be something that costs around a couple of hundred bucks but when they get the reality check that expensive strollers go north of $800, they get overwhelmed. There are strollers that cost everything from a few hundred right up to almost a thousand bucks. Here is a look at some of the strollers and their price range so that you can get a good idea of the budget you will need depending on your sue. • There are varying ranges in all purpose strollers When it comes to all purpose strollers, they can cost you anything from $150 to $1000. There is a large range of choices when it comes to the all purpose strollers that it can become quite confusing for you to decide how much is it worth spending on them. You should think about all the time you will spend walking around with the stroller in your day to day life. The more that you think you will need to walk, the more you should be willing to spend on the baby’s stroller. That is because the more expensive ones offer a lot of extra features which you will find convenient in long haul walks. • Lightweight strollers cost the least When you are looking at lightweight strollers, they can cost you anything from $30 to $300. If your needs for a stroller are not that extensive and you want something in the cheaper range, the lightweight strollers are for you. The more expensive ones among them can last you a lot longer so if you are planning to have another baby on the way but you won’t have the budget to buy a new one, you should get a lightweight stroller which can last you that long. • Jogging strollers aren’t cheap Jogging strollers do not necessarily need to be the heaviest and the most bulky to keep your child safe. They have a price range of anything from $400 to north of $800. Deciding on how much you should spend on hogging strollers depends a lot on how much you will be using them. If you need to be exercising extensively and your routine will involve a lot of running, it is advisable to spend more on the jogging strollers. If you feel like spending on the jogger will eliminate the need for you to go to the gym, you might actually be saving a lot of money in the long run. • Long lasting strollers One of the reasons why you should not buy the cheapest stroller that you can find on the market is the fact that they are not going to stand the test of time. While all the strollers you can find on the market are going to last you at least a year the cheaper ones won’t last for much longer than that period of time. “The lower the life, the lower the lifespan of the stroller.” said Esti Prager, “Remember that.” • Double strollers If you’re having twins or if you are having two babies in quick succession of one another, there are the double strollers which will suit your needs best. The thing with them is that they can be a bit pricey while offering the double features of a single stroller. They range from anywhere between $300 to $6500 for the most basic double stroller. All things considered, it is a cheaper option than buying two separate strollers for your children. • The resale value of your stroller If you purchase a long lasting and durable stroller, you shouldn’t just consider the initial price you will be paying for the stroller. You should also consider the resale value of the stroller when you no longer have any need for it. Of course you won’t be getting back all of the money you paid for it back when you got it but if the resale value of a stroller is good, you can get a lot of the investment back. Are you looking to buy the kind of infant car seat that can clip on to a stroller? Travel systems are the kind of car seats that can be clipped on to strollers for an easy conversion. A lot of parents love travel systems because they allow them to transfer their babies from the car seat to a stroller without causing a lot of hassle by unbuckling and picking up the baby. It allows them to make the transfer without waking up the baby and a happily sleeping baby means happy parents. If you want your newborn baby to enjoy the best of the stroller experience, you will need to get a stroller that has a seat which can recline to a perfectly horizontal position and it can easily get clipped on to a car seat and offers easy installation on a stroller. Getting yourself a travel system makes for an easy single buy which serves a lot of purposes and it also ensure the compatibility with the car seat. If the best car seat for you and the best stroller for your need aren’t compatible, there are also models made by manufacturers which can use adaptors to fill that purpose. What kind of terrain will you mostly be using the stroller on? When you take a good look at the kind of wheels that you have on the stroller, they will give you an idea of what kind of terrain they are best suited for. If you have plastic wheels of a small size, they are ideal for paved surfaces and possibly even for use in a park. If you have a lot of gravel to walk on and there is a long distance which you will be covering, the little plastic wheels will not be able to cope with that kind of terrain and get damaged quite easily. If you have bigger sized tires that are filled with air, you can expect those to go pretty much anywhere you need them to. They are a lot more durable and provide a more comfortable experience for the baby and yourself on a rough terrain. There are high end strollers which have excellent suspension on all four wheels. For someone who lives going off road with the stroller, they are fantastic but it is a lot of money spent if you are someone who won’t be taking the stroller on to rough terrain too often. The most typical strollers will have suspension on the front wheels which is ideal for use every day but if you get a stroller which does not have any suspension whatsoever, you and your baby are going to be in for a rough time. How much space do you have in your home for the stroller? What is the most preferred way for you to travel? If you have a car with a small trunk or if you plan on storing the stroller within a small closet in your home, it would be better if you measure the size of the storage area and the size of the stroller once it has been folded into its most compact shape. The more compact strollers are ideal for people living in urban settings with limited space but it is not such a matter of concern if you live in a home with a garage that offers plenty of space for storage. How often will you be carrying around your stroller based on your living conditions and transportation options? A crucial factor for you to consider is how many stairs you will be going up and down on. If you live in an apartment complex and you’re taking the subway everywhere you go, it only makes sense that you get a stroller which is light enough for you to move around with ease. Something less than 20lbs is going to be good enough to fulfill your needs and the needs of your baby while keeping it easy for you to travel around with it. Of course, if you are living in a home in the suburbs and have a big car which you will be using for your traveling needs, you can go for the bigger strollers. Most of the strollers out there in the market can weigh anywhere from 10lbs to 30lbs. The strollers which you can use in more robust situations are going to weigh in at above 15lbs. It is very important for you to think long and hard about how often you will be using the stroller, where you will be travelling with it, how you will be travelling with it and the amount of weight which you will be comfortable lugging around with you. Think of it as travelling around with a bike. It has to be just light enough for you to be able to take around easily in the subway or in the car. The only difference is that it is not a bike, you won’t be alone on the bike and you will have a screaming baby as part of the whole deal. Do you need the stroller when you will be out and about running errands? If you’re planning on going about your daily errands like shopping and whatnot, you would be better off with a stroller that has a lot more storage space. Of course even with extra storage space on the baskets in strollers, you have to be particularly vigilant about the capacity. There is a limit on the weight that the basket on a stroller can hold. Is it going to be necessary to have a lot of drinking and snacking options close by with the stroller? There are plenty of models in strollers which come with cup holders and snack trays for parents to use. There are also those that don’t come with these additional features. What is really odd is the fact that the more expensive strollers are actually less likely to have these additional features. That is because they offer you these accessories as add-ons which you can buy separately (go figure). If you really care about all these features, you can adjust your budget for the stroller according to it and purchase these additional accessories. They do offer more convenience so it really is all dependent on your need for the convenience they offer. These features are to die for, first time parents. Now let’s take a look at some bonus features which first time parents might not make much of but veteran parents know them to be wonderful for them through their extensive experience. • Peekaboo Windows: Yes, it may sound absurd but bear with us. A peekaboo window is nothing more than a canopy which you can open and play peekaboo with your baby. If a stroller doesn’t have this, it does not make it the worst stroller in the world. It is just that having this will make things a lot more playful for both the parents and the child without having to break the stride. • Easy to use Harness: While you might not think much about it, the harness that you have on the strollers make a lot of difference. If the harness is secure but easy to remove, it will make it easy for you to buckle and unbuckle your child while keeping the baby more secure. • Easy to Wash Seats: Your baby is going to make a lot of mess inside the stroller. That is unavoidable. If you have strollers that feature easy to wash seats, it will make your life easier. Trust us on this. • Adjustable Handlebars: If you’re someone who is quite tall or quite short, you will find that adjustable handlebars will make your life so much easier. You need to make sure that while the stroller makes your baby comfortable while moving around, you need to be comfortable as well. Too tall or too short handlebars is going to make your life and the life of your baby more difficult. There You Have It! We know that all of this is quite a lot of information to absorb but this is everything you will need to know to become an expert on baby strollers. This information will help you decide on the purchases for your baby (babies’) strollers right from the get-go.

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