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Tweed Lending Review
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Boss Tweed Lending Explores the Danger of Politics and Finance

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William Tweed, more commonly known as “Boss Tweed” was the mythical corrupt political leader of New York City in the late 19th century.   Along with members of the “Tweed Ring,” he had been accused of stealing millions of dollars from New York. Arguably, Boss Tweed was the most powerful man to ever live in New York City.  Tweed dominated the Democratic Party. City officials went out of their way to avoid angering Boss Tweed.

Boss Tweed opened a law office with the objective of receiving payments from big corporations in exchange for ‘legal services” These “legal services” were thinly disguised bribes to award contracts to friends and business partners for city projects. It was estimated that Tweed ripped off New York City for up to $200 million.

His downfall came in 1873 when he was convicted of forgery and grand larceny. Tweed escaped from prison and fled to Spain. He was eventually arrested and extradited back to the United States where he died in prison in 1878.

The story of Boss Tweed has has been remade many times over the last 150 years. It is representative of what happens when the lines between the worlds of politics and business become fuzzy and even erased.

Tweed Lending
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Tweed Lending Review

Tweed Lending is another tentacle of the Debt Consolidation Octopus, MEC Distribution, LLC. It has confirmed with the North Dakota Department of Financial Institutions that Tweed Lending, Pebblestone Financial, Broadstar Funding, Salvation Funding, Graphite Funding, Lafayette Funding, Stallion Lending is not licensed in North Dakota as a debt settlement firm. Tweed Lending is rated D+ by the Better Business Bureau. Review  

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