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Essential Guide To Choosing A Mattress

Do you find yourself losing much needed sleep while you are trying to choose a new mattress? It happens to a lot of people. A mattress is one of the most important investments you can make for your general well being. It can get overwhelming trying to decide which mattress you should get for yourself. This is why we have put together this essential guide for choosing a mattress. By the time you're done reading this article, you will have a clear idea of which mattress you should get.    

The Age of Your Mattress

One of the first things to consider is the age of your mattress. The age of your current mattress will play a big role in deciding on the new one. One of the general rules is that if a mattress has been in your life for eight years, it's a good idea to think about getting a new one. That being said, it isn't something that applies to all the mattresses in the world. There are some mattresses which can be used for a much longer time without compromising on performance. The best way to decide on this is to reflect on how well you're able to sleep on it. When the time comes that you wake up in pain, cannot enjoy a comfortable night's sleep or just do not feel well rested, you probably need to replace your mattress.   Top 6 Best Mattress Review

What Type of Mattress Do You Need?

All mattresses are not made the same. There are different types of mattresses out there. The kind of mattress which you need depends on your preferences. This is one of the most difficult considerations to make while purchasing a mattress. You don't need to worry though. We've broken down the different kinds of mattresses so that you are able to choose the right mattress for yourself.

1. Latex Foam Mattress

Latex Foam Mattress Latex mattresses are made from latex foam through and  through. They are ideal for their comfort and cooling properties. The latex foam is comfortable, cool, bouncy, and gives a great response. Ideal For: Latex foam mattresses are ideal for people who want good responsiveness from the mattress, cooling, and responsiveness. It's also good for people who enjoy the foam mattress but don't like the intimacy of the memory foam mattresses.

2. Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress The name is pretty self explanatory. These mattresses are made entirely from memory foam. They are the best at providing body contouring, pressure relief, and great support. Memory foam is often considered to be a hot mattress to sleep on, but things have changed with time. Memory foam mattresses available now are much cooler than they were before. Ideal For: They're the best for people who want give their body shape. It is also for people who want to contour their body and relieve pressure.  Memory foam mattresses hug your body and give your body some excellent support while you sleep.

3. Coil Mattress

Coil Mattress If there is one kind of mattress which is most widely used, it's the coil mattress. Coil mattresses have springs on the inside, which provide support and comfort for the body. There are two or more layers of spring coils to do that. With more advanced technology, the number of coils and the number of layers change, but their general functionality remains the same. Generally when there are more coils, it means better support and comfort. Ideal For: Coil mattresses are ideal for people who want to enjoy the more traditional feel of the springy mattress while they sleep.

4. Hybrid Foam Mattress

Hybrid Foam MattressHybrid foam mattresses are made from a combination of different kinds of foam. This mattress includes all kinds of foam— polyurethane foam, coils, memory foam, and latex foam. The combination of these foams is done in order to maximize the pros of each while reducing their individual cons. For instance, a hybrid foam mattress which has latex and memory foam will give good pressure relief and deliver great responsiveness and cooling. Ideal For: These hybrid foam mattresses are ideal for those who want to enjoy the best of everything. It's an ideal option for all round comfort. A majority of people like to use these and for good reason too.

5. Adjustable Mattress

Adjustable Mattress As the name suggests, adjustable mattresses can be changed on preference. They usually incline the back and elevate the feet. There are some adjustable mattresses which can heat, vibrate or even massage the person sleeping on it. Ideal For: People with specific medical conditions, older sleepers or with lower back pain are among the people who find adjustable mattresses ideal.

6. Pillow Top Mattress

Pillow top mattresses come within the category of any and all mattresses. These are basically any kind of mattress (hybrid, coil, latex, etc.) with a soft layer on the top most part. It adds an additional comfortable layer for the sleeper. Ideal For: Pillow top mattresses are ideal for those sleepers looking for an extra cushion on top of the qualities of their preferred mattress.

The Budget

One of the most important considerations that come into play while you're choosing your mattress is the budget. The budget can be different from one person to the next. In the days gone by, you could only go to the store to get a mattress. This meant you'd either empty your bank account for a good mattress or get an average one for a price tag higher than it should be. The advent of the online mattress industry has changed all of that. The prices you get online for mattresses are fair. It is a lot more economical for people to get mattresses from online stores. You have to keep in mind that more money does not necessarily mean the mattress quality will be better. Different mattresses are suitable for different people.

Choosing the Mattress Budget

  1. Price doesn't mean quality: The type of mattress matters the most. Focus on getting the best one from the type of mattress you will need.
  2. $1,000 is ideal: While money is a secondary factor when considering the mattress, you need to keep it to at least $1,000. This price range will get you a high quality mattress which will last years.
  3. Increase the budget for King Size: If you're planning to go King Size for the mattress, increase the budget to $1,500. You will have an ample amount of options then.
  4. Never go too cheap: While you may find a lot of cheap options, never go for them. If you spend less than $500, the mattress you get will need to be replaced earlier, than if you spend more.
  5. Spend on quality: A mattress that lasts for 10 years or more is going to be more costly, but it's a good investment. It will last you much longer than a cheaper one and provide you excellent quality. It's a good investment since it will save you a lot in the long run.


How hard or how soft a mattress is makes a lot of difference for the sleeper. It's one of the most problematic things to consider when you're getting a mattress. The feel and the firmness of a mattress depends on how you define soft and hard. Your body type, size, weight, and other factors come into play for your preferences. Customers often confuse support for firmness. A mattress that provides good support is something that helps keep your spinal column well aligned. If a mattress doesn't give you the right support, you will have an uncomfortable sleeping experience. The firmness relates to how comfortable the mattress is for you. The optimal firmness level is what you should opt for rather than softness. There are multiple mattresses out there that are made for universal comfort. Their firmness level is the same, but the structure of their foam and layers work together in a way that they can work for everybody. For people who are light sleepers, there are mattresses which have a core layer of memory foam. That provides them support and comfort for their body. Light sleepers don't put a lot of pressure on the mattress, so the top layer provides much of the support they need, and the core layer provides the pressure relief. For the heavier sleepers, the core layer of memory foam comes into play a lot more. It provides them the comfort and support they need. This is also the case for side sleepers. The mattress' memory foam layer creates a deeper impression of the body to provide good support to the heavier parts of the body. The weight distribution is more even for people who sleep on their stomach and for those who sleep on their backs. The universal design has qualities which cater to all of these needs. The average firmness level, when rated out of 10, is around 4 to 7. 10 is the most firm mattress while 1 is the least firm.

Sleeping Position

The position you prefer sleeping in also matters when you’re deciding what mattress to buy. Each person has their own preference, and that causes a problem. Each sleeping position has its own requirements and ideal levels of firmness.

Back Sleepers 

Top 6 Best Mattress For those who sleep on their backs, support and firmness is crucial. A mattress that is very soft will put pressure on the sleeper’s back. The push back will not be adequate and the spinal alignment will be off. A firmness level of 4 to 7 is ideal for people who sleep on their backs. It gives them good support and enough softness to minimize the pressure points.

Side Sleepers

Dreamcloud Mattress Review The side sleepers usually are more restless. They don't often sleep in one position. They will sleep either with both their legs bent or with one leg bent and the other straight. Because of the constant change in positions, they need a mattress that offers them a medium firmness level. Firmness is very important for side sleepers. The mattress should be soft enough for them to contour according to their body. It has to be firm enough to relieve pressure on the shoulders and the back.

Stomach Sleepers

Top 6 Best Mattress When looking for a mattress, stomach sleepers’ first priority should be support. A lot of pressure is applied by the upper body onto the mattress. This is why stomach sleepers need a mattress that will provide equal support for the whole body. If the mid section of the mattress starts to sink, the spine will curve. This will create a lot of pressure on the lower spine, and result in a lot of problems.

Your Weight

A lot of people think that weight might not be a factor to consider but they are so wrong. Your weight is one of the most important things to consider when you're getting a new mattress. The amount of hug you get from the mattress, how much it sinks, the cooling, the feel, and the support, all depend on the size and weight of your body. You may need a different type of mattress depending on your body type and weight. The firmness which will be ideal for you depends on your body. This is the reason why there is no mattress which is ideal for everybody. The following guidelines will help you consider the ideal mattress based on your preference and weight in mind:
  • Light Sleeper. 150lbs or less, Medium feel: Light sleepers do not cause the mattress to sink that much. This means the mattresses with dense top layers might not be comfortable for them. Universal comfort mattresses are more than ideal for light sleepers. A 1 firmness level mattress is what you need if you're 150lbs or less.
  • Average Sleeper. 150 to 200lbs, Medium feel: This is the most common type of sleeper, and there are plenty of options for them in the market. The ideal firmness level is from 5 to 7.
  • Heavy Sleeper. 200lbs or more, Medium feel: Heavier sleepers apply a lot more pressure on the mattress. This means the preference varies a lot. Mattresses with comfort level of 4 or higher are a must. It will mean the best support and comfort for your size. If you have a lot of cooling needs, you will need a coil-on-coil luxury mattress for a good night's sleep.
  • Light Sleeper. 150lbs or less, Soft feel: A light sleeper will have an advantage that they won't sink into the mattress. You can get the perfect amount of firmness and support in a mattress that rates 3 to 4 in firmness (out of 10).
  • Average Sleeper. 150 to 200lbs, Soft feel: Light sleepers and medium sleepers looking for a soft feel have pretty much the same requirements. If you're closer to 200lbs, you need to get the increased hug, which is there in memory foam mattresses. The mattress you need will be softer than the one for light sleepers.
  • Heavy Sleeper. 200lbs or more, Soft feel: Finding the right mattress for such sleepers is the hardest. The fact of the matter is that heavy sleepers already sink quite a bit into the mattress. Finding one with a soft feel means it has to be even softer. A mattress with soft feel is designed to hug the sleeper snugly. For such sleepers, finding a mattress which provides support for deep compression is an absolute must.

Summary of the 6 Points

Picking out a mattress which will be perfect for you can be an overwhelming task. Here is a quick summary of the 6 points we discussed for a good overview.
  1. Age of the Mattress: If your mattress currently is over 8 years old, it means you should replace the mattress. That's the general rule, but it mainly depends on the quality of sleep you’re getting. If it has deteriorated too much over time, you need to replace it.
  2. Mattress Type: Choosing the correct mattress for yourself depends on the mattress type. Different kinds of foam mattresses have their own feel to them. Coil mattresses are more traditional and provide great bounce. Most sleepers are recommended to use foam mattresses. For those who prefer the traditional feel, stick to coil mattresses.
  3. Budget: Your budget has a lot to do with the kind of mattress you should get. You should spend after looking at the quality and the type of the mattress. Higher price tags don't usually mean you will get a better mattress. Type and quality go hand in hand.
  4. Firmness: The average firmness level people prefer is 5 to 7, but if you want a softer or harder bed, you should vary the firmness level of the mattress.
  5. Sleeping Position: Everybody has their preferred sleeping position. Depending on your sleeping preference, you should choose the firmness and support level of the mattress.
  6. Weight and Body Type: Support from a mattress depends on an individual's body type and weight. The heavier you are, the more support you need. The lighter you are, the softer the mattress should be.